Retirement, Know about the senior citizens social security

Retirement, Know about the senior citizens social security

Retirement is a person’s life turning point. This is the time that the routine life starts to change forever. All the years you work to finally save for retirement and it marks the career end, does it really mean the same to all the retirees? Retirement is about focusing on the income that arrives at a regular stream keeping at bay the tax liability. Now, the life expectancy may be stretched, so the issues are to make for seniors financial planning to ascertain every month a fixed income to pay their monthly expense. Make getting a 2019 medicare supplement plan part of your health security plans so visit

Senior citizens for financial planning

For seniors remaining employed, there is a question as to when to start drawing social security income. Seniors while working taking social security may see a decrease in the receiving amount. Indeed, the age you receive social security determines the amount you will receive in the remaining years over the course. A quick guide to determine the retirement benefits of social security:

  • The social security is received on turning 62. This is the age, 70 percent is received each month of the benefit.
  • At 67 age, it is regarded a full age of retirement and you will be eligible to get each month social security benefits full amount.
  • People less than 67 years and are working as full or part- time, cannot earn than the limit of earning. In case in 2019, your earning exceeds $17,640 and you are for the entire year under full retirement age and the social security will reduce $1 your social security income for the $2 earned above limit.
  • The limit of earning keeps changing depending on the inflation measure and the wage index on an average. In 2018, $17,040 was allowed to earn or a 3.5% more. However, in 2019, the earning in the full retirement age months is up to $46, 920. In case you happen to earn more than this limit, there will be $1 reduced by your benefit by the Social Security for every $3 earned more than the limit.

Optimally, there is a need to wait for 67 years to start getting the income of Social Security. However, in case you are dependent on this benefit of retirement and are unable to work, it is good to begin social security drawing at 62. Another retirement related question is about withdrawing from IRA or 401K. In case you have any of these plans of retirement, the aim is to ensure the money is accessible.