Benzoin Oil and Its Effects on the Health of Seniors

Benzoin Oil and Its Effects on the Health of Seniors

The gummy and odorous substance benzoin, known for its soothing and warming properties, has been collected and sold for several thousand years.

Benzoin is obtained from Styrax tree resin. For centuries, it was highly valued in the East, it was used as incense to burn and during the exorcism of evil spirits.

Benzoin has a rejuvenating effect on the mind, body, and soul. Its rich aroma goes well with spicy and woody oils.

Comfort oil:

You can use benzoin oil as a confidence booster and to increase your sense of life satisfaction. Benzoin is soothing, but at the same time encouraging, making it a good treatment for nervous exhaustion and relief from anxiety and anxiety.

Benzoin, which has a warming effect, improves blood circulation, normalizes the urogenital system, and helps fight infection in the elderly. In combination with rose or lavender oil, benzoin is ideal for treating skin diseases.



To cure cracks in the skin (especially on the hands), mix 3-4 drops of benzoin, chamomile, and myrrh with 30 ml of calendula cream. Gently apply the resulting mixture to the damaged skin.


To combat eczema and dermatitis, add 2-3 drops of sandalwood oil and benzoin in warm water while bathing. The combination is likely to have a strong healing and anti-inflammatory effect on the body.


To get rid of the effects of frostbite, lower the damaged area into the bath, to which 3-4 drops of incense and benzoin oil are added. These oils stimulate blood circulation and relieve pain in tumors.


To get rid of itching, irritation and dry skin, add benzoin oil to the cream. Then apply it to the damaged area of the skin.

Infection protection:

At the first signs of a throat infection, make a dry inhalation, dripping 3 drops of benzoin and juniper oil into a handkerchief; inhale it throughout the day.

To treat painful cystitis, add 2-3 drops of lemon and benzoin oils to the bath. Both oils have an antiseptic effect on the urinary tract.


Treat chronic cough and lung infections with a mixture of 1 drop of benzoin, 1 lemon and 1 cypress oil and 10 ml of grapeseed oil. This mixture should be rubbed into the neck, throat and chest area. Anti-edema and antiviral effect of these oils can help return your health and offer a peaceful sleep. Supplemental Plans for Older Adults: Those above 65 and wanting to cover copay and coinsurance can use Medicare Supplement Plans 2019
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